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At Guru Teg Bahadur Public School, love is the basis of our philosophy and here a child learns to start and enjoy learning with tender, loving care. Education at Guru Teg Bahadur Public School means "Education for Life". We prepare our children for life by imparting not only age-appropriate knowledge but also enhancing their talents and empowering them with life skills to ensure holistic development that includes:








Most experts say 2 years is the right age. He/she can demonstrate amazing physical skills, think logically, manage simple tasks independently, speak few words or short sentences & happily stay apart from you for longer periods, etc. It is NOW that he/she gets the right stimulations and starts responding. The RIGHT ENVIRONMENT helps in developing the child's ability to learn, communicate, trust, love, and instills confidence and a positive self-esteem.
The school imparts toilet training by following a routine wherein a child is taken to the washroom when he reaches the school, before mealtime, after mealtime and when he is leaving in afternoon. Slowly and gradually the child falls into this pattern and starts informing the teachers and nannies.
Our stage activities from the beginning enhance the language skills and confidence levels of each and every child. Not only this, all children conquer stage fright, and are trained to make the whole world a stage.
We believe in making our little geniuses 'Think Big'. Hence, each moment is celebrated with so as to provide opportunities to these aspiring tiny tots to enjoy each every occasion and occasionally perform before large audiences and give moments of pride to parents.

  Annual Day

  Sports day

  Summer camp

  Grandparents' Day

  Mothers' Day

  Parents' Day

  Occasions like Independence Day, Environment Day, etc.

  Celebration of every Festival

Experienced and loving teachers are our biggest strength. The carefully selected staff is trained regularly about latest developments on early childhood education, child psychology by experts. Besides possessing good communication skills, they are also specially trained to groom little children.
Our unique facilities include air-conditioned environment, safe and comfortable GPS enabled transport system, ID room, exclusive day boarding facility, ball pool, splash pool, imported round-edged equipment, and many more.
Our exclusive activities for children include skating, taekwondo, dramatization and role-plays, educational trips, picnics and excursions, puppet show, story telling, sand play, water play, nature walk, structured intellectual and language activities, etc.
Splash pool is just for fun. Children at this age are too young, so we can't afford to take a chance with them.

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